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Roehampton Golf Croquet Tournament

The competition had 16 entrants divided into 2 groups: 0-6 handicaps and 7-12 (max) handicaps.
The competition was played as a “round robin” with everybody playing 4 matches on Monday and 3 matches on Tuesday.
There were 4 immaculate croquet lawns including 1 which was totally enclosed by a beautiful walled garden!
It was our first tournament and after a slow start on Monday we improved on the 2nd day. However, “no cigar”!

SECF U League

Sandy, Leo, Julien and Rick took part in the SECF U league tournament against Purley Bury CC.

In the morning games,Leo won 22-19, Sandy and Rick lost their double 12-26 and Julien narrowly lost 15-16.

In the afternoon games, Leo won 26-6, Sandy won 26-15, Rick lost 22-26 and Julien lost 14-19.



A quick visit from a member of the New York Croquet Club in Central Park

Phil Cordingley played Jim Collins on Tuesday morning.  Luckily, it did not hail or snow! The sun came out to welcome our guest in perfect English tradition! Just missed a warm cup of tea.

Jim sent a very nice email to the committee and formally extended an invitation to our members to play on their NY green in Central Park. So if you ever are in NY, I will send you Jim’s email. ┬áJim says “I know our members would look very forward to “international” play”.

Jim Collins playing at HHCC
Rick and Nick playing in NY last summer.


Dear members,

I had a brief demonstration in “swishing” the lawn which is necessary to do if you start playing at PH at 9am:

Get the yellow stick from the cupboard, extend it, but not too much, and sway the rod over the lawn in a gentle manner back and forth as if watering the lawn. Do cover the whole lawn, the process should not take more than 5 minutes.

Picture of Steve in Action!